Matt McDaniels claims his 2nd 5 Second Shootout Win and Austin Johnson goes back to back for his 2nd Jr Dragster Halloween Nationals Win.

What a great weekend of racing we had this past weekend.  Congratulations to all our Winners and R/Ups.  The weather was wonderful and so was the car count.  We can't thank everyone enough who came out this weekend for all your support. Congratulations to Hailey Hawkins on her win in the 7.90 race and Zach Pennington on his R/Up Friday night.  Saturdays results Patrick Weatherford won while Michael Hypes was R/Up in Super Eliminator, Lucas McKinney won while Madison Pennington was R/Up in Top Eliminator, Austin Johnson won while Nathan Sexton was R/Up in Pro Eliminator, Ashley Stafford won while Savannah Dexter was R/Up in the 2nd Chance race. Austin Johnson defeated Patrick Weatherford in the Grand Champion run-off for his 2nd Halloween Nationals Trophy.  CJ Hodges won while Peabody Holdaway was R/Up in Footbrake.  Mark Pork Jones took the Top Eliminator 6.00 & Slower win over Darrell Collins.  Sundays results Matt McDaniel won while TG Paschal was R/Up in the 5 Second Shootout. The Inaugural MJ Quick 8 Full Bodied Showdown winner was Derrick Brown over Mike White.  In the Quick 8 Open Bodied Showdown winner was Aaron Roberts over John Creasman.

*November 15th-16th Footbrake Nationals*


*November 27th-30th Thanksgiving Moneyfest*


*We would like to congratulate all our 2014 champions!*

Top Eliminator - Michael Paschal

Footbrake - Ernie Humes

Junior Dragsters - Dylan Branscome

Street - Mark Dudley Jr.